Sports Betting Guide


  1. Choose the game/event you want to wager on.
  2. Decide the outcome you want to wager on.
  3. Determine what kind of bet you want to make.
  4. Decide how much money you’d like to place on the game.
  5. Find the nearest Sports Betting kiosk or approach the Sportsbook betting counter and tell the Ticket Writer the event, outcome, bet type and amount you’d like to wager.
  6. Ensure your selection is accurate at the self-service terminal or betting counter before printing your betslip.
  7. Hang on to your ticket so you can redeem any winning bets.


Straight Bet – A wager based on the result of one team or individual

Money Line – A wager placed on who will win an event. There is no point spread.

  • Favorites are represented by a minus (-) symbol.
  • Underdogs are represented by a plus (+) symbol.

Point Spread – A wager placed on which participant will “cover the spread.” When you bet a favorite, you’re betting them to win by a margin that’s greater than the point spread. When you bet an underdog, you’re betting them to win outright or lose by a margin that’s less than the point spread.

Totals (Over/Unders) – A wager placed on whether the combined score of both teams in any given sporting event will be “over” or “under” the combined total

Propositions (Prop Bet) – A wager placed on an individual player or specific event within a given game. Prop bets typically do not have an effect on the final outcome of the game.

Parlay – A wager placed that combines a series of outcomes to occur into one bet. In order to win a Parlay bet, all bets must be correctly selected to ensure a payout for the bettor.

Round Robin – A wager placed on multiple parlay selections at once without having to create a separate ticket for each combination

Teaser+ – A parlay wager in which you are able to adjust the point spread or total in exchange for a lower payout. The more you change the spread, the lower the payout becomes.

Futures – A wager placed where the outcome will not be known until the distant future. This could be betting on the winner of the NBA MVP before the season starts. Odds are constantly changing as factors change throughout the season.

Pick ‘Em – An instance in which no team is favored. The two participants have equal chance of winning and there is no point spread.